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BSHS 311 Week 2 Individual Assignment Self Management Behavioral Contract (Uop)For more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comSelect a goal: something that you would like to change about yourself. Perhaps you would like to stop smoking, or to control drinking, improve study habits, manage time better or change eating or exercise habits. It is critical that your goal be measurable, attainable, positive, and significant to you. Describe the goal as target behaviors. What specific behaviors do you want to increase or decrease? Break down your goals into attainable, measurable steps? Why is this goal(s) important to you? How will your life be different as a result of making these changes
Describe your means of monitoring your progress, such as a chart, or a behavioral diary. Summarize how this program will “fit” in your current life, and schedule, and your results(if you implemented it during the week), or your anticipated short and long-term goals. Describe how you will reward yourself for your progress.Submit a behavioral management contract that states all of the above points and specifies both internal and external consequences for actions in a realistic time frame, such as short-term rewards for adhering to the contract and a long-term reward for meeting the goals. References are optional and remember to submit your Certificate of Originality with any paper assignment, team or individual, that is submitted if you do cite/reference other sources. The length of the contract is up to you, but be sure that it is long enough to cover all of the assignment requirements. ________________________________________________________________________________________
BSHS 311 Week 5 Individual Assignment Paper on Personal Model of Helping (Uop)For more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comSubmit a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper on your personal model of helping. Incorporate learning and theoretical concepts…

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