Adventures of Tom Sawyer Essay

In the middle of many people’s life they change in different ways. In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain many characters change a lot. One of the characters who changed a lot is Huckleberry Finn the son of the town drunkard. Huckleberry Finn Changed is a colossally dynamic character in the Adventure of Tom Sawyer.

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In Mark Twain’s classic novel Huck Finn is daring at the beginning but cautious at the end. In the beginning Huck is daring. For example in chapter 9 Huck goes to the graveyard at midnight with only a black cat and Tom Sawyer and doesn’t run while witnessing a murder. This show he is daring because he did not run from a scary and perilous moment. He changes from that moment and when he gets trapped in the haunted house. These moments change him to a cautious person. He is very cautious when he goes into haunted house because he has a bad feeling about it. This is shown when he tries to talk Tom out of going in to dig for the treasure. Huckleberry Finn changed from daring to cautious because a lot of bad things happened around him. In conclusion, Huck Finn changed a lot from his daring self in the beginning.

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