Military Ethics Ethics relate to how one should act based on values that include, but are not limited to honesty, integrity, loyalty, accountability, fairness, caring, respect, and promise keeping. These values distinguish between what is right and wrong and taking precedence over nontechnical values when making ethnical decisions. The Department of Defense employees should make official duty decisions based off these values, they should be morally right decisions that are for the greater good of the country and not for themselves personally. These values we hold our military to be are based on our core beliefs such as duty, honor, and integrity which motivates attitudes and actions to making these righteous decisions are not always followed.
The Military Code of Ethics can be found in the Department of Defense Regulations 5500.7-R. Chapter 2 specifics the codes of conduct. One case that has led to the 2006 increase in Military ethics training in the United States is the case of a female Navy sailor that tried to buy herself stuff on a government credit card known as a GPC, which is part of a technology program called the Government Purchase Card Program. “An active duty Navy sailor and authorized Government purchase card user noticed one day that some of the items she had purchased for her Command were missing from the warehouse. She decided to go ahead and repurchase the items to prevent any of her shipmates from getting in trouble for stealing Government property” (Ingersoll).
“This incident seemed to give the sailor an idea because about two years later she decided to try to use her Government purchase card to conduct widespread theft. Ever cautious, she first conducted a few “test runs” by purchasing items for her personal use on her Government card. The misuse went undetected so the sailor joined with a co-conspirator to discuss even bigger plans. They decided to buy laptop computers and plasma televisions on the sailor’s Government card and to…

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