a fun time

It happened on a warm fall night and I remember the date was September 29, 2007. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was a normal night at the skating rinks. Danielle, Asia, Dashawn, Ahmed , and Sarah, even came that night. Of course we had to find someone to laugh at. It’s much funnier to laugh at someone other than yourself.We were sitting by the door when we saw this old man come in the door. We gave him a nickname. We called him Grandpa Earl, because he looked like an older version of Earl. Earl is always dancing and giving us something to laugh at. Grandpa Earl went to the skate shop to get him and his grandson some skates, while we went to the food court to sit down for a while. That’s when we first saw him skate. He looked like an eighty-three-year-old trying to get his groove back. He broke the record for most falls. He fell at least one hundred to three times. I couldn’t help but laugh. Danielle was saying not to laugh, but she was snickering herself. And of coarse Asia was laughing her lungs out. Later, Asia and I decided to go onto the rink and that’s when he hit me– Grandpa Earl knocked me into the next dimension. It felt like a truck just came out of nowhere and ran me over.A wave of laughter rippled through the room. Naturally, I would have clipped that man, but he could hardly stay on his own two feet–and plus, his grandson looked so embarrassed. After I tried to get up, I felt like I was drunk , because I was dizzy and people were snickering and giggling and all I could do was sit there and laugh at myself. In conclusion, September 29, 2007, started out as a normal Friday night, but ended up being one of the funniest nights ever. I had so much fun. Grandpa Earl was one of the funniest people ever. While I thought it was funnier to laugh at someone else, I ended up laughing at myself.

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