Changing Feelings

In most families, siblings don’t get along, mine was a bit more tensed than normal situations. We actually couldn’t go a day with out killing each other about a silly problem like what channel to watch or who should shower first. Were the whole feud started is still a mystery, although, she still blames it on my parent for “Not killing me when it could have been legal (abortion)”. The arguments seemed forever almost as if we slept planning what we would argue about the next day. My mom use to jokingly say that a near death experience is what we needed. Funny enough, things didn’t change until an actual near death experience.Just got back from Williamsburg High School, New York. Real bad day for me. Some big kid just stole my launch money and I got in trouble for trying to fight him. Got home looking for my mom to hand over the suspension letter I had already read. Then I noticed she wasn’t home which was unusual given that she works from home. My first thought was to call her but I said to myself “What’s the rush on giving her bad news, if anything I should hope she travelled and wont he coming back for months”. So I sat down, watched some TV, played some games and ate a lot. When it was 5 pm and I noticed I wasn’t arguing with my sister as usual and my mom was not yet home, I picked up the phone and called my mom, then I found out she left her phone on the floor close to the couch. Toughs started driving through my mind. Was she kidnapped? Did she have a hearth attack? My hands turned somewhat cold. I dialed my sister’s number and it was unavailable. My mind got clouded with ill thoughts as I sat on the couch.Just as soon as I was about to call Kelly, my sister, again, I heard a an extremely loud knock on the door. Me, being filled with paranoia, grabbed a blow dryer as a weapon on my way to answer the door. I asked out loud “Who is there?”, I got no reply. I asked again, twice, and got no reply, only a loud knock on the door. I was now conceived that…

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