Does Learning English Literature Help Second Language Learners of English on Their Task Competitiveness

Does Learning English Literature Help Second Language Learners of English on TheirTask Competitiveness
??In the words of Joshua Cruz,“ studying literature can be an enriching,
eye-opening experience. ” Sometimes second language learners of English only focus on reading and writing skills. Students fail to see the importance of modifying the language and using famous quotes or phrases in sentences. The complaints of the English literature class have often existed and learning literature has often been seen as a waste of time. However, what we learned in language without literature is shallow. Without literature, we could still communicate with others and probably get a promotion with an English certificate, but we cannot get to know the culture well. We learn a language to reinforce our competitiveness between peers, and a language includes its language and culture.??As language learners, many people might want to be a translator, an English professor, an academic researcher, a diplomat, etc. These vocations require concise but retouching words, no matter in writing letters and theories, communicating, or giving speeches. For instance, a translator should be able to understand the meaning of famous quotes, such as quotes from Shakespeare and other poets. A diplomat has compulsory to polish words as it is a delegation of country. In Importance of Learning English Literature reveals that through learning English literature, we can “understand modern culture by following the history presented throughout English literature” and “increase anyone’s lexicon.” Furthermore, we obtain different viewpoints. According to Joshua Cruz,“Mary Wollstonecraft presents the idea that women should not be subservient to men, giving birth to modern feminist theory.”Plus, learning literature helps us use language for aesthetic purposes. All these advantages enhance our task competitiveness….

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