Science Assessment

Blessed Virgin Mary School
Simonlyn Wisseh
Science Assessment

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1a. In my studies I will vary the amount of water I put in the marigold seeds because it didn’t show very much progress. I wouldn’t change the amount of water in put in my Lima bean seed because it showed growth. 2b. I know the variable influencing germination constant for my Lima bean seed and marigold seed because I knew the amount of water I put in my soil and my plant got the right amount of sunlight.

2c. I measured the amount of water the seed got by using a graduated cylinder and I measured the light by checking on the growth of the plant and keeping the bag open.

first get two zip lock bags
then take fertilized soil and put it in the zip lock bags
then get a graduated cylinder and add 26 ml water
last close the zip lock bags and put it in the sun day

Through this procedure make sure not to put your hands in your mouth before washing it.
. 2.
1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | |
Lima -Beans | No growth added 26ml | little growth added a water 26ml | Growth started added small amount of water | Growth added water26ml | Growth added water | No growth added water |
Marigolds | No growth added water 27ml | No growth added water 25ml | No growth added water | No growth added water 24ml | No growth added water | No growth added water | Changes added to my procedures is that I didn’t add 26ml through the 7 days procedures because I felt that the seed had too much water so I reduced the amount of water.

The first day of my procedure I added water 26ml then I put it to words the sun then on the second day no growth to the Lima bean or the marigold. On the third day of my procedure the stem of the plant started to grow. On the 4th day Added a little amount of water then on the 5th day I seen a big progress in…


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