The Hunger Games

The hunger games
The hunger games is a movie where a competition about the battle of the death is held in Panem, North America is shown on TV. The annual event surrounds twelve districts. To the event one girl and one boy aged 12-18 are chosen by lottery in each of the districts.
In the beginning of the book 16 year old Katniss wakes up on reaping day only to find that her sister Prim is not there. Prim has turned 12 so it’s her first year to be able to participate in the reaping as tributer. Katniss has a bestfriend named Gale who has a big chance of being selected to partipate in the games because of how many times he has entered his names in exchange for food. The day comes and Katniss and Prim get ready for the election. When they arrive they see a drunken Haymitch. Haymitch is going to be the mentor of the one girl and one boy that will be district 12’s participants. Effie Trinket who is the other mentor pulls out a name from the bowl full of papers. She reads the name out loud, Primeroose Everdeen. Katniss is caught off guard and feels unable to speak. She couldn’t believe it. “I volunteer, I volunteer as a tribute” she screams. The audience get surprised and gives her the special greeting. The reaping continues and Effie reaches for the name of the male tribute, she reads Peeta Mellark out loud.
Through the movie you get to see how Katniss and Peeta prepare for the games and how it goes for them. The whole thing is broadcasted on TV and there’s only one who will survive and get interviewed afterwards.My thoughts on the movie
My thoughts about the movie are that it’s quite boring and overrated. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s not my type of movie or if it just was tedious. I think it’s very odd that the movie takes place in the future because of how they live but they also have very advanced technology so they kind of mixed how people lived way back in the days to how it is or is going to be in the future with technology….

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