Joint Munitions Command

Joint Munitions Command Case Analysis
Doug Caranci
MGMT 534
Dr. Morris
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus
Joint Munitions Command (JMC) is a military organization that provides bombs and bullets to America’s fighting forces of all military services. The question to ask is what is Joint Munitions Command? Joint Munitions Command has been around since World War II, which manages the nation’s ammunition plants. JMC headquarters are in Rock Island Arsenal outside of Moline Illinois since 1973. Currently Brigadier General Larry D. Wychecommands JMC. JMC has many operations that fall under them such as munitions production that are ammunition plants and storage depot facilities in 16 states that produce more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition annually. JMC is responsible for managing and accountability for $26 billion of conventional munitions and store $39 billion of missiles. The personnel that work for JMC consists of 20 military, over 5800 civilians and 8300 contractor personnel. The annual budget for JMC is 1.7 billion dollars.
JMC strives on supporting the American war fighter. Their mission is to supply America’s warfighterswith the right ammunition at the right place, on time, every time. JMC manages facilities in Crane Army Ammunition Activity in Crane, Indiana. Crane is a production and storage facility in which their capabilities include munitions, manufacturing, and demilitarization of munitions, munitions-related maintenance, remote operations, environmental testing logistics support, machine shop, chemical laboratory, and engineering. Another production and storage facility that JMC manages is McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in McAlester, Oklahoma. Defense Ammunition Center (DAC) is a training facility in McAlester. DAC is responsible for explosives safety, logistics engineering, transportability, training, depot/ garrison doctrine, demilitarization technology, supportability, reliability, technical assistance and…

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