Social problems

1. Write definitions for the words problem, policy, and program, within the context of human services. Then, give a brief example for each definition.A problem is a problem as relates to an unmet need or a case, such as a medical necessity, or financial need, or a child that lacks basic medical care, pre-natal care, or immunizations, or nutrition, or an elderly person who lacks prescription drug coverage.
A policy refers to the legislated rules providing for eligibility to receive services, the regulations surrounding delivery of those services and payment for those services.
A program refers to one of the coverage plans for Medicaid services, child care, prescription drug coverage, aid for dependent children or another program. Programs are usually comprised of a benefit plan and a funding source.2. Make a list of five to seven social problems that you consider most critical for the United States to address. Write one to two sentences describing the extent of each social problem.Poverty, People shouldn’t have to scrimp and save to be able to buy food. Education, a lot of jobs require a college degree nowadays, and a Master’s is becoming entry level in some fields. I firmly believe education should be free. Health Insurance, if people could afford to pay for health insurance, they wouldn’t have to go to the emergency room for everyday problems, which would help ease state revenue problems. The Prison System, Our prisons are overcrowded, obviously something’s not working. Outsourcing, keep the jobs here, and most, if not all, of the above will be eased. Most people are willing to work, if given the chance. If the economy sucks, generate more tax dollars.
3. Locate a non-profit or private agency or organization that addresses one of the above social problems.House of Neighborly Service the non-profit organization I chose. It is actually located in the same city I live in. This organization provides for basic needs such as…

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