Following Directions

Xoxoo Xoxox August 19, 2013
Following Directions
The cat ran into the dog. The cat was scared because she had been told not to go out of the yard for this very reason. She was startled and shocked. She had been told horror stories her whole life about how ferocious dogs are and how much dogs hate cats. As she rounded the corner and the two of them saw one another, they both froze. The cat instantly arched her back and began to hiss. The dog immediately bared his teeth and began to growl. What would happen at this point?
What would happen to the little kitten for not following instruction? Well, there are several different scenarios. First, the dog could be a chicken and at the first swipe of a claw, tuck his tail between his legs and run. Second, the two animals could fight and they both go away wounded or the worst, the dog could completely annihilate the cat and she not survive.
The first situation may or may not serve as a lesson to the little kitten. It could go either way. She could be frightened enough to never leave her yard again or she could become overly brave, and think “I got this”. The second situation would be a hard way to learn the lesson of following instructions. It is a painful lesson to learn. The last is the worst because the kitten would not even be around to realize that she was killed because of her poor decision making.

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