Are Science and Religion in Conflict Phi 103: Informal Logic

Are Science and Religion in Conflict? PHI 103: Informal LogicAre Science and Religion in Conflict? There is a saying that science and religion are like a women and men- they are not the same in any way. With religion, everything is unexplainable, everything is based on faith, on act of God the divine and merciful. With Science, everything happens for a reason, there are testsand hypotheses and proofs that can be done to allow science to explain why a phenomenon happens. With these ways of thinking and explaining things, there is a big gap between religion and science and these is exactly the same thing that happens between the two sexes when they are mixed together. For believers in the Christian world, everything happens for a reason because it is the will of God while scientist believes that everything happens for a reason and science experiments can explain it. It is called the law of nature. This is the exact reason why religion and science are too far from each other- the why’s and not the what (Pearlstein, 2011). Conclusions based on religion and science is always different from each other and as Pearlstein has explained- it is because of the different arguments they have. The thing is the reasoning that everything depends on God is undisputable for those who believe in God and when a religious person says it is going to be explained on God’s due time, and then science cannot do anything to it (Middleton, 2011). This is what they call the Godhypothesis” and science has no way of challenging this belief. For example, let’s take a look at the theory of man’s evolution and how the theory of Charles Darwin (science) and the theory of the Bible (religion) are different (n.d). According to the Bible, we are created by God and we are his children while science posits that men came from the monkeys as for the evolution of man theory.These conflicting ideas are really hard to support and can cause issues within the society especially once…

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