English Competency

Chapter 1
English language is a vital means of communication. A dog barks for his food because that is their way to communicate and one way human being communicates their need through language that’s why it exists.
And one of the most spoken and known language in the world is the English. It is considered as the universal language. It is a communication tool for scientific, technical, and commercial purposes. It represents different thing to different people, for some it represents the Language of English Literature. For others it is the Language of English speaking world. Some associate it with the Language speaking world. Others see English as a means of doing business and making money (Richards and Lockhart, 1999).
The greatest significance of English as a language lies in the words of Dr. B. Sibayan, that it is an “intellectualized language”. To be considered an intellectualized language, it is the medium in the acquisition and learning vital knowledge and information relevant to the learning of the students. And learning English as a second language is a must for everyone, especially for the students who are aiming for better future (Robles, 1988).
Here in the Philippines, Filipinos are using different dialects as their first language. And they may learn the second language through studying or learning it.
However, one great problem of English teacher today is teaching the learners how to communicate their thoughts and feelings orally and effectively. For to be able to do this, the learners need skills in using words skill fully and confidently, and this further requires greater skills and understanding on how the language works for us in the real word. This means that one must be communicatively competent (Felipa R. Go, 2003).
The government particularly the department of education is continuously in search for the right formula that will respond to the endless needs of the learner and the…

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