Teaching Year 1

WORLD OF SELF, FAMILY & FRIENDSAt the ParkUnit 1Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s):Listening and Speaking 1.1.4, 1.2.1 (a) & (d) {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. say the phoneme /s/ correctly; and ii. identify objects with the phoneme /s/. 30/60 minutes composite picture, picture cardsTime: Teaching Aid(s):Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences Introduction: a. Greet pupils. “Good morning, class/children. ”or “Good afternoon, class/children.” “How are you today?” b. Encourage pupils to reply. “Good morning, teacher/sir.”or “Good afternoon, teacher/sir.” “Good morning, Puan Laily/ Madam Tan.” or “Good afternoon, Puan Laily/Madam Tan.” “We are fine, thank you.” “I’m fine, thank you.” Set Induction: a. Put up a chart. (Appendix 1) b. Get pupils to talk about the picture. c. Name objects with the phoneme /s/: swing, slide, see-saw, sun, six, skipping rope, sand. Step 1: a. b. c. d. e. f. Introduce the phoneme /s/ by showing an action. Form a cobra head with your hand. Trace the letter ‘s’ in the air and say /s/. Demonstrate how to sound it out: • When you say /s/, the mouth is slightly open. • The tongue is flat behind your teeth. • Air comes out between your teeth. Get pupils to do the action and say /s/. Get pupils to say /s/ is for ‘s’.Ask pupils to observe you. Do it a few times to different groups.2Step 2: a. Show objects on the composite picture. b. Say the words aloud: swing, slide, see-saw, sun, six, skipping rope, sand c. Show the word cards, point to the letter ‘s’ and say /s/. d. Show pictures and words of other objects that have the /s/ sound. Example: spoon, seed, snake, sit, sister, nest, spots e. Get pupils to say the words with guidance. f. Repeat step c. Step 3: a. Point to objects on the composite picture and get pupils to say them. b. Next, get pupils to show the action for the phoneme /s/ and…

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