Grammar Games in Teaching English

I. Introduction
1.1 General characteristics of the work
1.2 The role of games on language lessons
II. Main Part
2.1.1 The advantages of using games
2.1.2 The adequacy in using games
2.1.3 Learning grammar through games
III. Conclusion
1.1 General characteristics of the work
The theme of my qualification work sounds as following: “Grammar Games – Motivation in Teaching English” This qualification work can be characterized by the following:
2. Actuality of the theme.
In recent years language researchers and practitioners have shifted their focus from developing individual linguistic skills to the use of language to achieve the speaker’s objectives. This new area of focus, known as communicative competence, leads language teachers to seek task-oriented activities that engage their students in creative language use. Games, which are task-based and have a purpose beyond the production of correct speech, serve as excellent communicative activities. On the surface, the aim of all language games is for students to “use the language”; however, during game play learners also use the target language to persuade and negotiate their way to desired results. This process involves the productive and receptive skills simultaneously. Standing on such ground, I considered the theme of the work actual enough to make investigation.
3. The tasks and aims of the work.
1. The first task of my work is to describe the role of games on language lessons.
2. The second task is to describe views of different linguists on the problem of using games.
3. The last task is to describe various types of grammar games.
4. The novelty of the work.
I consider that the novelty of the work is concluded in new materials of the linguists, which were published in the Internet. The novelty of my work is concluded in the fact, that I had worked out some grammar games, which I had approbated on English language lessons during my pedagogical…

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