moral stagnation in frankenstein and never let me go

Moral Stagnation in Frankenstein and Never Let me GoThe two different science fictions; “Frankenstein” and “Never let me go” reflect similar kind of
problems but in a different time and setup. Both of these works are about tampering the laws of natureLife and Death. Frankenstein is more of a science fairy tale that makes one skeptic about the possibilities
mentioned in the story while never let me go seems realistic and happening tragedy. But the vague
message which the both author is trying to deliver to their readers is kind of similar. We can infer from
these two different readings that the problem is not the advancement of science and technology but
our attitude towards it. The monster in Frankenstein and clones in Never Let me Go are both treated as
social outcasts, barred of the society and the acceptance of normal human beings; “The village was
roused; some fled, some attacked me…”(Shelley 74). Similarly, Miss Emily told Kathy and Tommy, “We
are all afraid of you. I myself had to fight back my dread of you almost every day I was at Halisham”
(Ishiguro 246).The advancement of science and technology is making the world look reduced day after day as
we can travel to any parts of the world in very short span of time and it is just getting better every day.
At the same time it seems to weaken the emotional bonding among people due to too much of
dependency in technologies. People are supposed to be more civilized and careful along with time
learning from the mistakes in the past. We cannot deny the fact that all these technologies and growth
in different fields of science has made people’s life much easier. Looking at the health sector, many ofNiraula 2
the diseases which were the cause of major mortality rate among people in the past have either been
eradicated or have its cure. The means of communication are just getting finer and finer. We are very
close to finding the every mysteries of universe which is considered to be…

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