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1. Discuss the roles of the four stakeh i need help with my assignment olders. What might be the problem areas2. Discuss how the emergence of two flight caterer giants might impact on the global market.
3. What are the key variables in forecasting air traffic4. What are the service priorities for travelers in choosing airlines5. What are the differences from other forms of transport when travelling by air6. What action can airlines take to counteract the effects of flying7. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of branding strategies with an example of a product.
8. What are the fundamental characteristics of developing good supplier relationship9. Flight caterers commonly server multiple airlines. What implications can this have on inventory management?
10. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each different type of production method.
11. What would happen in a production unit if a flight was delayed for more than six hours12. How might the location, design, layout and process choice of a production unit affect the organization of staff13. Identify the main hazards to food safety in flight catering.
14. What is the difference between a HACCP system and an audit15. Identify the reasons why tight security is imposed on the transportation and loading of flight services.
16. What are the advantages of utilizing refrigerated trucks?
17. What factors add to the complexity of the logistics problem in flight catering18. What considerations need to be made when deciding whether or not to back-cater19. Identify the advantages to flight caterers of using integrated information systems.
20. Identify the…

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