UOP?BSHS 422 Week 5 Learning Team Cultural Competency Assessment of a Community-Based Program Paper and Presentation

BSHS 422 Week 5 Learning Team Cultural Competency Assessment of a Community-Based Program Paper and PresentationCheck this A+ tutorial guideline athttp://www.assignmentcloud.com/BSHS-422/BSHS-422-Week-5-Learning-Team-Cultural-Competency-Assessment-of-a-Community-Based-Program-Paper-and-PresentationSelect a community-based program and arrange to make a site visit to conduct an assessment of its cultural competency using the cultural competence assessment that the team chooses (you may use the same assessment chosen in week 3 if it is appropriate for an agency or you may choose another assessment). The team should choose a national agency which has locations or branches in each team member’s local area.  You may also choose to assess an agency online if all information is available on their website but this must still be a national agency or organization.
Write a minimum 5-page (does not include title page or reference page) paper that reports your method, findings, and evaluation of the overall competency of the agency.  It should also include recommendations for areas of improvement of the agency’s cultural competency based on the weaknesses identified by the assessment used to evaluate this organization. In addition to this also include the following information: 
1. A brief history of the site (agency)
2. The population served
3. The services offered
4. A mission statement
5. Demographics
•    Staff and client makeup
•    Annual budget
•    Source of budget
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides) with speaker notes.Format your paper according to APA standards   For more classes visithttp://www.assignmentcloud.com

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