Accountable Care Organizations – A Building Block for the Future of Health Care

“The Accountable Care Act promoted ACOs through a variety of programs: Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, Partnerships for Patients Initiative, Pioneer and Advanced Payment ACO Models and Medicare Shared Savings Program for ACOs. The central program is the Medicare Shared Savings Program, under which ACOs gradually share in the cost savings they achieve through providing coordinated and consistent care to groups of Medicare beneficiaries while meeting quality targets.

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The focus of ACOs is coordinated care, ease-of-access, care management models, evidence-based care, technology use for data management, and clinical integration. This may mean some changes for pharmaceutical companies looking to work with ACOs. Promotional materials will need to highlight evidence-based medicine findings and detailing should highlight potential cost efficiencies. Patient outreach aspects of ACOs will give pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to provide patient educational materials.

The report, “Accountable Care Organizations – A Building Block for the Future of Health Care” has been written to support corporate strategy, managed markets, business insights, and product strategy teams through its analysis of the changes taking place in the health care landscape and the impact ACOs will have on the way patients are treated. As an integral part of Health Care Reform in the US, pharmaceutical companies must understand how ACOs will work, and in turn, affect their current and future business.

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– Development of ACOs
– Health care community response
– Case studies
– What ACOs mean for pharmaceutical companies
– Future Outlook

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Understand the final rules for the government’s ACO programs
– Analyze the ways ACOs may impact pharmaceutical promotional activities
– Gain insights through the examination of cases study analysis of the potential for ACOs to bring reform forward


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