?A. Theoretical Framework
The transfer of learnings from the educator to his students had developed a wide spectrum of studies which is being perpetually undertaken by the teachers. The required basic knowledge to be introduced to the learners of the English subject follows an organized approach coming from the teacher which aims to provide students with a great foundation in English language and grammar. The poor level of proficiency in English subject had been viewed as the concern that affects the learning development of the students to other related subjects at which mastery of English language and modernized means are demanded by its peak of Excellency. Thus, effectiveness of teaching English grammar particularly the Determiners through employing educational theories is a vital approach that every English teacher should be equipped of. In order to modernized and raise every student’s skills in attitude towards learning. Hence the Reigeluth’s elaboration theory is assured to serve as the great contributor towards the objectives of the said concern.
According to this theory, instruction should be organized in increasing order of complexity for optimal learning. For example, when teaching a procedural task, the simplest version of the task is presented first; subsequent lessons present additional versions until the full range of tasks are taught. In each lesson, the learner should be reminded of all versions taught so far (summary/synthesis). A key idea of elaboration theory is that the learner needs to develop a meaningful context into which subsequent ideas and skills can be assimilated. That is why The involvement of elaboration in teac

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