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suburb [‘s?b??b]??


urban-urbanisation [,?:b?nai’zei??n]
downtown [‘da?nta?n] ???

landlord [‘l? n(d)l??d]??
landlady [‘l? n(d)le?d?]???
house agent ????
tenant [‘ten?nt] ??
for lease /for rent/to let ??
for sale ??
rental [‘rent(?)l] price?rent ??
available [?’ve?l?b(?)l]?????
lease [li?s]??
utilities [?’ve?l?b(?)l] ???
bill ??
fare [fe?]???
cable bill ????

noisy [‘n??z?]??
insects haunting [‘h??nt??] ???
blackout [‘bl? ka?t]?? outage [‘a?t?d?]
flat [fl? t]???????(??)
apartment [?’p??tm(?)nt]????(??)
accommodation [?k?m?’de??(?)n]??
dormitory [‘d??m?t(?)r?] (dorm) ????
student hostel [‘h?st(?)l]????
youth hostel ????
homestay [‘h??mste?] ????????
bedsit [bed’s?t] =bedsitting room ??? single room
hall/entrance hall ?????
lobby [‘l?b?] ??

deposit [d?’p?z?t]
bond [b?nd]
refundable [r?’f?nd?bl]????
surroundings [s?’ra?nd??z]????
rural [‘r??r(?)l] areas ??

porch [p??t?]?????
balcony [‘b? lk?n?]??
living room ??
dining room ??
bedroom [‘bedru?m] ??
double decker [‘dek?]???





kitchen[‘k?t??n; -t?(?)n]??

fountain [?fa?nt?n] ??

bathroom [‘b???ru?m; -r?m]???

Facility [f?’s?l?ti] / Equipment / Apparatus ??

Study ??

lift ??/elevator [‘el?ve?t?]

garden ??

fire gate/exit[‘eks?t; ‘egz?t]????

yard ??—courtyard

air conditioner [k?n’d??(?)n?] / conditioning ??

garage [‘g?r??(d)?; -?d?; g?’r???]??

heating ?? -heater
closed-circuit [‘kl?uzd,s?:kit] TV / video surveillance

car park ???

[s?’ve?l(?)ns; -‘ve??ns] ????/????

unfurnished [?n’f??n??t] ??????

stereo/stereo [‘ster???; ‘st??r???] system ?????

furnished [‘f??n??t]?????

pillow [‘p?l??]??

half-furnished ??????

pillow case ??

telephone [‘tel?f??n]??

bed linen [‘l?n?n] ??

heater [‘hi?t?]??

sheet ????

radiators [‘red?,et?]???

mattress [‘m? tr?s]??



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