PHL 458 Entire Course A+Work

PHL 458 Entire Course A+Work
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PHL 458 Week 1 DQ1
To what extent does acculturation affect our individuality? How might an individual overcome acculturation to achieve independence in thinking?
PHL 458 Week 1 DQ2
What do you do when you face conflicting work or family obligations? How might critical and creative thinking assist in prioritization of obligations?
Week 1 Individual Assignment
PHL 458 Week 1 Individual Assignment Critical Thinking and Society Exercise
PHL 458 Week 2 DQ1
What are the components of the creative process? How do you measure or analyze multiple creative solutions to your own problems?
PHL 458 Week 2 DQ2
What are the characteristics of creative thinkers? What effect does creativity have on society and culture?
Week 2 Individual Assignment
PHL 458 Week 2 Individual Assignment Solve a Problem Paper
PHL 458 Week 3 DQ1
What are the three steps to refining a solution? Provide an example of each. How would you decide what action should be taken about your resolution to an issue? How do you recognize and overcome what difficulties may arise?
PHL 458 Week 3 DQ2
What kinds of assumptions interfere with critical thinking? Aside from factual inaccuracy, what are some subtle and common errors affecting a truth?
PHL 458 Week 3 Individual Assignment
PHL 458 Week 3 Individual Assignment Refining Solutions Paper
PHL 458 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Evaluating and Refining Resolutions Presentation
PHL 458 Week 4 DQ1
Consider the following famous thinkers: Bill Gates, James Cone, Daniel C. Dennett, Peter Singer, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Nelson Mandela. What components of their creativity…


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