Press Wood Pallet Making Machine Saves a Lot of Waste Woods

Every year, there are a lot of waste woods can’t make good use of global.While, PRESS WOOD PALLET MAKING MACHINE appearance helps solves this problem. Press wood pallet making machine uses the waste wood, bamboo, wood shavings, sawdust, wheat straw, bagasse, and waste materials from the furniture factory, after crushing, drying and adding glue, the materials was conveyed to the hot press machine. Then the pallet was molded by wood pallet forming machine which is also named wood pallet making machine with a hot compression molding process, which involves a high pressure and high temperature.

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It has stable performance, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, available for steam or heat conduction oil heating use, flexible. By changing moulds it can produce various size of press wood pallet. The installation is very convenient. There is no need to fix it on the ground when working, put the machine in a steady condition is ok. The machine has reasonable design, precisely moulding the pallets. It can finish hydraulic pressing in 35s.

The whole wood pallet production process is eco-friendly and no pollution to the environment. Technology compressed wooden pallet machine adopt is using sawdust and wood shavings to make mould wood pallet, which can be used directly after coming from the hot pressing machine, no need for nailing.

Established in 1999, Paimo was committed to environmental protection career. The first WOOD PALLET PRODUCTION LINE came into operation formally on 1st, Oct. 2000 after more than a year of continuous test efforts, and so far we have provided the pallet production lines and unique system solutions for more than 300 key clients who come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.

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